You simply fill up our application form

You simply fill up our application form and if you are involved in a “no fault accident”We also offer rental cars if you’re at fault for the accident, provided you have a rental car option in your policy.

Not at-fault drivers may be eligible for a “No Fault, No Cost” accident repair rental car, provided the cost of the rental vehicle can be recovered from an at-fault party or their insurer.


We will deliver the courtesy car to you

we will deliver the courtesy car to your location free of cost

Once approved, Our staff will contact you to arrange a time and location for delivery of your courtesy car. Our service includes delivery to your panel shop, home, place of work or to your preferred location.


Return your car or we can collect

Return the car to the Panel shop or we can collect it from your preferred location.

Freedom2Drive will manage your rental car claim with the at-faults insurer. When your car is ready simply leave the car at the panel shop and drive away in your car – Simple!